Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow Dawgs.....

It is October 10th. OCTOBER TENTH PEOPLE, and there is SNOW. Now I do love me a nice snow storm, but this was a little early for me. And not a storm, but still. We woke to a little snow this morning and that made the kids happy. Happy and cold and wet. When all was said and done Jadyn and little neighbor cutie Grace had made some snow friends. Sorry about the photo quality-did I mention it was COLD outside?

So here are Jadyn and Grace holding their creations. Jadyn is holding the turtle collection and Grace is holding her snow dog-it is a golden retriever named Goldy and Jadyn's lamby named Snowy. Needless to say there was concern that their little snow friends would "die" so they are now living happily in our freezer. Happy Fall into Winter everyone!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am going to try for a paperless kitchen so I made these little flannel napkins to use rather than paper towels or paper napkins. Tim said this morning "You do know that you are going to be washing those EVERYDAY don't you?" And yes, I do realize that I will be adding MORE laundry to my never ending laundry stash, but so be it. Now that my lovely laundry room is finished I need more excuses to be in there right?

I am hoping that the savings will be worth it but that remains to be seen. I also purchased a 24 pack of "bar towels" at Sam's Club the other day and I plan on cutting them in half to make 48 smaller towels to use for the everyday clean-up that I would have normally use paper towels for. Off to find some wonderful flannel to make bibs, burp cloths, and napkins for Etsy!