Wednesday, September 30, 2009

THIS I know...

A very good friend told me to write what I know.

THESE are things that I KNOW:

I am not a great story teller or writer
I am not always fun to be around
I have aquired the taste for wine

Today I decided that I was going to FINALLY start blogging, yet didn't know what I was going to write about. Then Jen's words came to me: "Just write what you know"

As I walked outside to take the kids to school I noticed something sitting on the table out on our front step.

Don't look at the plants too closely-this is the time of the year that I lose interest in keeping my plants alive.

ANYWAY, see the things close to the front of the table? Look closer.

Can you see them? Those are Josie's GROUSE FEET. She went hunting with Tim this last weekend and I am guessing she was showing off her feet. Yep, I KNOW I am the only house in the Walden neighborhood that has a pair of grouse feet on their front table. So there you have it, I am writing about something I KNOW.